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Booking Your Wedding at The Mill Forge near Gretna Green

Booking a wedding from afar can seem daunting. To make things easier for brides and grooms, we have put together a step by step guide to booing either a civil or religious wedding.

Simply follow the steps below and booking your edding at The Mill Forge near Gretna Green will become much easier.

Booking a Gretna Green Wedding

Booking your Wedding near Gretna Green

Decide whether you would like either a religious or civil ceremony. Details of how to book either ceremony can be found by following the steps below.

  • Call us on 01461 800344 to make a provisional booking.
  • Confirm the booking by sending the necessary deposits and The Forge booking within ten days of making a provisional booking.
    (The deposits we require are £20 per room per night, full payment for The Mill Forge and £5 per person for the reception meal.)
  • When we have received The Mill Forge booking form and payment for the hire of The Mill Forge we will send you confirmation of your booking.

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Booking a Gretna Green Wedding


  • We will also inform you of any services such as ministers, photographers, pipers or stylists we have booked on your behalf.
  • We will contact your six - eight weeks before the date of your wedding to discuss requirements for your wedding reception meal and to finalise all other details.

Booking Your Wedding

If you haven't already done so then you MUST contact Gretna Registration Office on 03033 333004 to obtain the necessary legal paperwork (M10 forms)*. Or visit their website

*The M10 Marriage Notice forms MUST be returned to Gretna Registry Office between three months and twenty-nine days prior to your big day.

Booking a Gretna Green Wedding

Wedding Planner Help

Our team of wedding planners are here to help and they can assist you with

  • Booking your wedding at The Mill Forge
  • Securing a minister or registrar to conduct the ceremony
  • Hiring photographers, pipers and stylists
  • Arranging accommodation for you and your guests at The Mill Forge
  • Planning your wedding reception

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Wedding Packages from The Mill Forge Hotel near Gretna Green